Experimental cancer treatment “magic” for la canada teacher connie tucker

Experimental cancer treatment

(12/26/2012 UPDATE: Connie Tucker writes, "I simply had my third group of scans. My primary tumors are ongoing to contract, and anything else is stable. The doctors in the clinic continue to be very looking forward to my progress!" And they are we, Connie! — John)

This can be a story a good experimental cancer treatment that – a minimum of for the moment – helps a La Canada lady who had been dying from cancer. Connie Tucker, 57, continues to be an ESL instructor at Citrus College in excess of twenty years. Her cancer demonstrated up a few years back, after chemotherapy unsuccessful she experienced a medical trial for Merck 3475, which theoretically enables her T-Cells to fight cancer. Connie states her tumors began shrinking immediately and also have ongoing to do this, and she or he literally feels fantastic.

It is extremely tempting – particularly if you have cancer, know someone who does, and have family members who’ve died from it – to wish very hard with this to become a cure. But there are lots of caveats relating to this story. Connie states certainly one of her goals, since she’s a brand new lease on existence, would be to tell others that "numerous studies save lives." However, many individuals numerous studies aren’t saved. Many are control subjects that do not obtain the drug. For other people, the drug simply does not work, or does not still work. Numerous studies are part of developing medicine they are not intended to be a remedy. We can simply wait to determine how this ends up.

This really is one story of the lady who’s very lucky. As very lucky, the drug she’s testing would be the breakthrough, but based on the journal Nature, which graphed-out numerous studies, a minimum of as numerous trials fail as succeed. For a lot more context and much more situation studies, browse the excellent article I have linked below in the New Yorker.

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