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Why is Envita stand out is the fact that we provide a distinctive and comprehensive approach known as Unipathic Medicine. This kind of medicine employs the very best of personalized and targeted cancer technologies from around the globe, which is among the a lot of reasons that more than 90% in our patients travel outdoors of the home condition arrive at our facility. Our typical people are ones who unsuccessful conventional way of treatment (suggested drugs or radiation), or patients which are searching for any different personalized approach.

At Envita, we make use of an approach that employs targeted biomarkers and molecular targets which are specific to every person’s genomics. For individuals who have no idea, biomarkers and molecular targets contain information that may be collected from the person’s cancer cells after which accustomed to tell what chemotherapeutic agents may go perfect for that exact patient. These biomarkers will also help locate natural phytotherapeutics, which help in personalizing cure program. With this leading edge technology, we could go ahead and take speculation from a patient’s program and appear away from the “Pharma only suggested drug” for a kind of cancer but at what drug and natural agents respond better to a patient’s individual cancer cells. We refer to this as course of treatment, Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy, or GTFC for brief.


My Chemical Romance – [Cancer] (Lyrics)


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Drinkable Glitter Glue: I'm both a fan of MCR and TOP but it makes me sad when people think the original song is by TOP.锘

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Phanic! At The Twenty One Romances: It upsets me that everyone talks about the Twenty One Pilots version, even though I love it and it's eerie and makes me cry but Gerard sings with so much emotion and the sound behind is voice sounds so beautiful, this song has me in tears constantly, this band changed lives yet, when I express this in school, all I get is a laugh and a sentence mocking the band that changed my life forever.锘

Madhav Piplani: your name is beautiful lol锘

Lanie Patterson: Phanic! At The Twenty One Romances honestly couldn't agree more锘

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