Cancer: the forbidden cures – top documentary films

Cancer: the forbidden cures - top documentary films leap of belief

Well should you deny toxins that toxins exist and they cause cancer and elimination of individuals toxins removes the reason for cancer and therefore prevents it from occurring then that’s your opinion.

I however have personally observed cancer removed by cleansing including through various natural treatments for example garlic clove that is scientifically shown to destroy cancer. Thus if you opt to deny factual science which may be easily researched on the internet then it’s your decision.

Its well-known that sunshine influences cancer however for centuries man has resided on a sunny day but hasn’t died in pandemic figures correctly. Thus could it be truly the sun that triggers cancer or perhaps is it poor people nutritional and lifestyle choices like the SAD (standard American diet) which is stuffed with very toxic substances and it is missing in antioxidant qualities that are well know to hinder cancer?

You claim it is the sun I claim its poor lifestyle choices that caused cancer to exist and also be and also the sun is just brings about cancer due to an undesirable lifestyle and diet choices. (One also must recall the decreasing size the ozone layer brought on by modern man which functions just like a thin filter. That is manufactured from toxins)

Charcoal is scientifically shown to remove toxins despite that which you claim that it’s merely a poor example to make use of to be able to remove toxins that create cancers. Thus whether it was true while you declare that this can be a leap of belief then so why do poisoned patients recover ? To think that toxins are just removed in certain pathological conditions and never others since you claim that they’re isn’t science its a viewpoint according to your belief that it’s misguided.

There should never be any so known as "scientific proof" that you simply want since the current medical and research paradigm don’t use natural treatments for stopping serious pathological conditions in the manner herbalists rely on them. There are many serious flaws within the research methodology like omitting the patients previous health problem, the seriousness of the problem which requires different dosage and much more. Thus natural treatments don’t squeeze into your research model.

Though there’s lots of research completed with individual plant chemical components and individuals components have been shown to hinder/ destroy cancers. You have to keep in mind that good herbalists don’t use isolated chemical components.

You can now deny that plants have anti cancer qualities though this unfounded statement is fake. Additionally, there are many studies showing that components that comprise garlic clove destroys/inhibits cancer. Though this isn’t what you’re seeking. I’m able to list dozens otherwise countless studies showing the anticancer qualities of Garlic clove if you will undoubtedly declare that these chemicals really are a "leap" of belief to think they really work.

Cancer: the forbidden cures - top documentary films able to

Thus now you ask , do plants have chemicals which many drugs result from ? The reply is yes. Do drugs work? Yes. Why, since they’re produced from chemicals that originated in plants but they are presently synthesised from petro chemicals along with other toxins.

Thus we all know that chemicals operate in both plants and medicines. To reason that some chemicals in plants fail to work while some in drugs do is denying fundamental scientific biochemistry. Therefore to argue the truth that plants as well as other substances like charcoal are ineffective since the "researchInch is not done extensively with every particular pathology due to the current medical paradigm is really ignorance and absolutely nothing more.

You can now attack my posts and say there’s no scientific evidence that chemicals work all that’s necessary but biochemistry supports my claims. Thus all your assertions are simply unfounded opinions according to only you are own ignorance. Therefore to carry on within this discussion is pointless since you deny fundamental science and can only request "researchInch that suit your unique biased opinions.

Scientific factual studies exist that plants contain chemicals and chemicals have been verified by science to effect the body as observed in drugs that oftentimes initially originated from herbs. To deny chemistry would be to deny science thus still comment according to your ignorance because it only proves that you’re truly ignorant.

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