Canadian family in jacksonville for child’s cancer treatment has difficulties with airbnb rental

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A household traveled from another country to find strategy to the youngster, who’s struggling with brain cancer.

Once they came, they stated the home they obtained online through Airbnb, but compensated for outdoors the website via PayPal, wasn’t the way it made an appearance personally.

Jaxon, 4, has rare type of brain cancer known as atypical neurocytoma.

"Unusual, our doctors haven’t even seen it before," his mother Krissy Fredericks stated.

That’s why his family made the decision to bring along up and travel greater than 2,000 miles from Canada to Jacksonville for proton radiotherapy.

Fredericks stated she switched to Airbnb to locate a nice spot for her family to remain, but she stated it’s been not that.

"Nobody may wish to reside in that sort of conditions, it had been very dirty," Fredericks stated.

For six days, she stated she was juggled between three qualities, all of Payton Rogers.

She stated a door was damaged and the other door being boarded track of a no trespassing sign.

"Garbage everywhere outdoors each house,Inch Fredericks stated.

Action News Jax arrived at to the town to find out if there have been any issues with the 3 qualities in the past year, and there’s been a issue for an overgrown yard, but zero violations.

Action News Jax spoken with Rogers over the telephone to obtain his side from the story.

“I let you know they are remodeled to code which my current tenants in most three homes, and my tenants previously haven’t elevated any issues," Rogers stated.

This isn’t the very first time we reported about issues individuals have had with Rogers. In Feb, Action News Jax said about several violations against him through the city. He is at breach of managing a bed and breakfast establishment with the Airbnb site within an area not zone for your.

"A relevant video chat might have gone a lengthy means by this case,Inch Fredericks stated.

The household found a brand new spot to book for that time they’ll be for treatment.

Fredericks stated she’d to undergo PayPal to obtain her money-back.

Action News Jax spoken with pr for Airbnb and it was told that creating plans to book a house available on Airbnb must feel the site.

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